Here’s a selection of specific projects, which I've helped in different ways:

Consultancy: engagement and collaboration

Helping clients identify and engage the right stakeholders, including strategic overviews of the engagement process, and design and facilitation of individual workshops. Working with convening organisations to improve the support they give to collaborations.

Consultancy: sustainability and sustainable business

I’ve worked with numerous environmental and sustainability specialists, helping them reflect on the progress they’ve made in different change projects.


Sometimes my clients need help working together better, to meet their sustainable development objectives. This may be because a particular problem has been stopping progress, or simply because they need everyone in the room to be part of the conversation, and working with an external facilitator can enable that to happen.

Learning about sustainability and sustainable business

Learning about environmental limits, human- and other eco-systems and how social and human factors interact with environmental ones is an essential part of an organisation's or sector's sustainability journey.  It's not enough: simply knowing doesn't lead to action or change. But it can be a brilliant catalyst for change. So I work with clients to help design and run training and learning interventions around sustainability.

Learning about engagement and facilitation

I have trained hundreds of people in facilitation skills and in how to plan and deliver stakeholder engagement.

Individual coaching

Sometimes clients need some one-to-one support, to help them reflect on what they’ve achieved and what they’d still like to do. One-to-one work is often a good solution when people are not yet sure what help they need, or which way to move forward.  I'm accredited by the AoEC for my coaching work.

What else?

Maybe you have something else in mind, and you think I might be able to help.  Get in touch - I'm always happy to talk through possibilities.

For a more comprehensive client list, see this blog entry.