I am lucky enough to work with a range of partners and collaborators, designing and facilitating stakeholder engagement programmes, training facilitators and running courses. Here are a few examples:

I’m an associate facilitator with 3KQ, specialising in stakeholder dialogue, engagement and consultation. With them, I have designed and facilitated stakeholder and public engagement for clients including the Environment Agency, DECC and WWF. I have also designed and facilitated workshops for voluntary organisations and NGOs, including for Green Alliance and Every Action Counts, to discuss third sector responses to climate change.

For over ten years I was a tutor on the acclaimed Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business, which was developed by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (where I’m a Senior Associate ) and Forum for the Future, of which I am also an Associate.

Working as an Associate with think tank consultancy pioneers SustainAbility, I have designed and facilitated workshops on the future of sustainable business with leading clients.

As a consultant with Dialogue by Design, I’ve facilitated stakeholder engagement projects with, for example, WRAP (organisational strategy), the Environment Agency (numerous projects), North Norfolk District Council (on climate change and coastal change) and DEFRA (waste strategy).

I was a Director of InterAct Networks, building organisational capacity to engage stakeholders more meaningfully, through training and mentoring people in the principles and practicalities of stakeholder engagement.

I’ve been a Dialogue and Engagement Specialist for the Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre, advising on the overall quality and design of engagement projects which seek to involve the public in the emerging future of science and technology, and continue to work with Sciencewise as a consultant.