Fellowship - thanks IEMA!

I’m honoured and proud to have been invited to become a Fellow of the IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment). 

Supporting and challenging my colleagues in the sustainability profession has been a huge part of my career.  I completely love helping them (you) to learn about how to make more change, how to stay resilient, how to find their path and bring their best – their whole selves - to this demanding and essential work. 

IEMA has been a big part of that: publishing my first book and providing a platform for me to share what I’ve learnt about organisations and people through regular features in The Environmentalist magazine, as well as training workshops and conference sessions.  It’s great to have my work recognised in this way, and to feel that this profession values the insights I’ve been able to bring.

I’m now even more fired up as I think about this autumn’s work: completing the second edition of Change Management for Sustainable Development, and running the second season of Still conversations for sustainability leaders.

So thanks to everyone in IEMA for this recognition.  I look forward to continuing to work with you to transform the world to sustainability!