Creative Commons - what's your experience?

Triggered by some email exchanges with Coro Strandberg following my comments on Simon Zadek's blog, I am wondering what experiences other consultants have of using Creative Commons licences for their work. I am intuitively attracted to sharing for a couple of reasons:

  • if something seems to be helpful and effective, then our planet needs us to tell people about it, not keep it to ourselves
  • in an internet-connected world, basing your business model on selling IP seems pretty likely to fail, even if you have the resources to patrol and litigate.

Anything I publish on this site is covered by Creative Commons (see here for details) and I try to retain control of my IP in client contracts, precisely so that I can republish here and so make it more widely available.

I'd love to hear your experiences of sharing work in this way, or using others' work, or why you haven't gone down this route.

Thanks for sharing!