small print

The small print

I have to put this somewhere on my site, and this seemed the best place! Penny Walker is the trading name of Verlander Walker Ltd.  (Strange but true.  Of course, Penny Walker is also actually my real name.)

Verlander Walker is registered in England (company number 0463 6657) and is registered for VAT (VAT registration number 853 7496 84).  The registered office is at 27 Mortimer  Street, London W1T 3BL.  Verlander Walker Ltd is insured for public liability and professional indemnity, and holds a licence from the PPL to use recorded music in workshops.

Because I think this job of bringing about a sustainable society is too important to keep secret, much of the material on this site is published under a creative commons "Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives" licence, which means you are welcome to use it as long as you don't sell it on, don't fiddle around with it, and tell people that I wrote it and that they can find it on this site.  Of course, you are welcome to ask me whether you can use it ways not covered by this licence, and I'll be happy to think about it.

Some of the material was published elsewhere first, in which case even though I wrote it, the copyright may be shared with or held by someone else.  So you may need to abide by the stronger restrictions that they may have in place.

The GDPR and privacy statement is here.